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Female (Hex Body)

Female (Hex Body)

In all materials other than brass, the bodies and nuts of Female Tee (Hex Body) fittings can be identified by their heat codes. Put separate information for these items and state that CMTRs are necessary for all items if you want to achieve CMTRs for these components. Due to its thermal stability, Female Tee (Hex Body) is rated for effective pressures greater than those advised for tubing. Tubing should never be used at pressures more than the maximum permissible operating pressure. The tube is not carefully appropriate for use with Female Tee (Hex Body) tube fittings if no pressure is identified for the provided tube size and tube wall thickness.

DIN 2.4816 Female Tee (Hex Body), SS S30403 Female Tee (Hex Body) Fitting, UNS N04400 Hex Female Tee, Stainless Steel 1.4401 Female Tee (Hex Body), Cupro Nickel Female Tee (Hex Body), SS 304 Female Tee (Hex Body), Monel Female Tee (Hex Body), Female Tee (Hex Body) Fitting Exporter, SS 316 Female Tee (Hex Body), UNS S30400 Female Tee - Hex Body, DIN 1.4301 Female Tee (Hex Body) Leading Manufacturers.

Depending on the material, female Tee (Hex Body) fittings provide safe and dependable performance from cryogenic temperatures to high-temperature heat out levels. This shirt is extremely durable and resistant to abrasion and corrosion.

Female (Hex Body) Specification

Pressure Ratings : Up to 11 000 psig (760 bar),
Medium-Pressure – Up to 20 000 psig (1378 bar)
High-Pressure – Up to 60 000 psig (4134 bar).
Types : NPT, ISO/BP, SAE/MS, AN, weld ends
Sizes : 1/16 to 2 in.; 2 to 50 mm,
Medium-Pressure – 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 9/16, 3/4, 1 in.; 6, 10, 12 mm
High-Pressure – 1/8 to 9/16 in.
Temperature Ratings : Up to 1000°F (537°C)

Cu-Ni 90/10 Female Tee (Hex Body), Inconel 600 Female Tee (Hex Body), UNS N06022 Female Tees - Hex Body, Cupro Nickel 70/30 Female Tee (Hex Body), Incoloy UNS N08800 Female Tee (Hex Body), Alloy 20 Female Tee (Hex Body), Titanium Grade 4 Female Tee (Hex Body), Alloy 625 Female Tee (Hex Body), Monel K500 Female Tees (Hex Body) Dealer, Titanium Gr 5 Female Tee (Hex Body), UNS R56400 Female Tee (Hex Body), Monel 400 Female Tee (Hex Body), Titanium Alloy Gr. 2 Female Tee (Hex Body) Stockist and Manufacturer in Mumbai, India.

At Shree Viratra Enterprises, we only provide consumers with high-quality items. As a result, we are a reputable and trustworthy supplier of pressurised pipe fittings. For testing, we adhere to industry standards around the world. We carry out mechanical, destructive, hydrostatic, hardness, tensile, positive material, nondestructive, and Charpy V testing among other tests. Micro and macro testing, chemical tests and spectro analyses, intergranular corrosion tests, ultrasonic tests, radiographic tests, pitting corrosion tests, and visual inspections are among the additional tests. Final items are checked for quality assurance by outside parties at the dispatch unit. Shipping that is damage-free is handled with extra care. We employ timber crates, pallets, crates, and cartons. Customers can select a customised packaging option based on its suitability thanks to this service.

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