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Alloy Steel Plates

Alloy Steel Plates

Shree Viratra Enterprises is a trusted provider of Alloy Steel Plates to the manufacturers who work with the petrochemical industries, oil and gas industries, chemical industries, shipbuilding, etc. The range for low alloy steel plates is 1.5% to 5% total alloy content. It frequently contains alloying elements such manganese, silicon, chromium, nickel, molybdenum, and vanadium. Up to four or five of these alloys could be present, in varying amounts. Companies that produce smooth, chromium carbide-rich overlay plates employing a unique manufacturing method that reduces hang-up and boosts abrasion resistance. Alloy steel 4340 sheet is often used for heavy-duty industrial, aerospace, and automotive applications. This low alloy steel, which is heat treatable, contains nickel, chromium, and molybdenum. It gains a significant amount of strength and hardness after being heat treated. Alloy steel sheet is a typical industrial product used in many sectors. Its construction included the use of alloys containing silicon, manganese, nickel, molybdenum, and chromium. Different ratios of the components are added, which helps to improve the product’s formability and hardness.Low-alloy steels, such as the kind that go into making 4130 alloy steel sheet, use chromium and molybdenum as strengthening agents. It offers exceptional strength and toughness, machinability, and weldability.Low alloy steel 4140 alloy steel sheet contains the alloying elements chromium, molybdenum, and manganese. It possesses good impact and abrasion resistance, high toughness, and strong torsional strength. When annealed, it becomes very ductile and is capable of being manufactured using conventional techniques. Steel 6150, a carbon-chromium alloy, has a fine grain and is extremely abrasion-resistant. It is useful for highly stressed industrial components such as gears, shafts, hand tool parts, and pinions. The ASTM A387 Gr 5, ASTM A387 Gr 9, ASTM A387 Gr 11, ASTM A387 Gr 12, ASTM A387 Gr 22, and ASTM A387 Gr 91 are the eight grades of alloy steel plates.

Alloy Steel Plates Specifications

SpecificationsASTM A387 / ASME SA387
1000mm, 1219mm, 1500mm, 1800mm, 2000mm, 2500mm, 3000mm, 3500mm, 4050mm etc
Length2000mm, 2440mm, 3000mm, 5800mm, 6000mm, 12000mm, 15000mm etc
Surface2B, 2D, BA, NO.1, NO.4, NO.8, 8K, mirror, checkered, embossed, hair line, sand
blast, Brush, etching Manufacturer and Supplier
FinishHot rolled plate (HR), Cold rolled sheet (CR)
FormCoils, Foils, Rolls, Plain Sheet, Shim Sheet, Strip Manufacturer and Supplier

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