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Gi Pipe

Galvanized iron pipes, often known as GI Pipes, are a popular and trustworthy pipeline solution renowned for their sturdiness, strength, and corrosion resistance. These pipes are made of mild steel that has undergone a procedure known as galvanization to cover it with a protective layer of zinc. The underlying steel is shielded from rust and other external conditions by the outstanding corrosion resistance of the galvanized coating. Because of their reputation for being corrosion-resistant, GI pipes are appropriate for both indoor and outdoor applications. They are frequently utilized in structural applications, irrigation systems, water supply lines, and plumbing systems.
GI pipes are renowned for their sturdiness and toughness. The pipes’ structural integrity and load-bearing capability are improved by using mild steel as the basis material and galvanizing it. They are excellent for a variety of applications, including construction, scaffolding, and infrastructure projects since they can handle high pressure and heavy weights. Users and installers can rest easy knowing that the overall system is secure and reliable thanks to the strength of GI pipes.

Gi Pipe Specifications

SpecificationGI Pipes
Manufacturing StandardIS 1239, IS 3589, ASTM A53, and other relevant standards
MaterialMild Steel with Zinc Coating
Size RangeOuter Diameter: 15mm to 150mm or more
 Wall Thickness: Light (Class A), Medium (Class B), Heavy (Class C)
LengthStandard Length: 6 meters
ThreadsTapered Threads (BS 21 or IS 554)
Coating ThicknessStandard: 80-100 microns (Medium Class), 120-140 microns (Heavy Class)
Testing and Quality ControlDimensional checks, Coating thickness measurements, Visual inspections
ApplicationsPlumbing systems, Water supply lines, Irrigation systems, Structural applications, Fire sprinkler systems, Fencing, Scaffolding

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