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IS 2062 Plate

IS 2062 Plate

The steel product known as IS 2062 Plate, often referred to as Indian Standard 2062 Plate, complies with the specifications established by the Bureau of Indian specifications (BIS). IS 2062 Plate is renowned for its remarkable strength, versatility, and durability and is widely utilised in a variety of sectors. We shall examine the major characteristics, product details, quality requirements, and material make-up of IS 2062 Plate in this article, highlighting its importance in a variety of applications.
The manufacture of IS 2062 Plate, which is precisely designed to adhere to tight criteria, uses high-quality steel. The plate is available in a variety of grades, thicknesses, and sizes to satisfy a wide range of industrial needs. It is placed through a number of demanding tests to ensure that its mechanical properties, such as tensile strength, yield strength, and elongation, satisfy the necessary parameters. IS 2062 Plate typically ranges in thickness from 5mm to 200mm, providing versatility for a variety of applications.
Fabrication and assembly are made simple by this plate’s outstanding weldability. Due to the fact that it can be successfully welded using conventional welding techniques, it is a preferred solution in industries where connecting steel components is required.
The Bureau of Indian norms has set strict quality norms for IS 2062 Plate. The plate is put through a rigorous testing process to make sure it satisfies the requirements, which include assessing its chemical composition, mechanical characteristics, and dimensional accuracy. To ensure its dependability and suitability for a range of applications, IS 2062 Plate must adhere to these specifications.
IS 2062 Plate’s material composition has been meticulously developed to offer the best strength and durability. It typically has low manganese, silicon, and carbon content, resulting in good weldability and improved formability. Depending on the intended purpose, the plate may also contain trace elements to enhance particular qualities like corrosion resistance or impact strength.
In order to attain the desired qualities, innovative processes, like hot rolling or thermomechanical rolling, are used during the manufacturing of IS 2062 Plate. The plate’s structural integrity is improved by these procedures, producing a product that can endure enormous loads, dynamic stresses, and unfavorable climatic conditions.

IS 2062 Plate Specifications

GradeCarbon (C) %Manganese (Mn) %Silicon (Si) %
IS 2062 E250 (A, B, C)0.23 max1.50 max0.40 max
IS 2062 E350 (A, BR, BRW)0.20 max1.50 max0.40 max
IS 2062 E4100.20 max1.50 max0.45 max
IS 2062 E450 (D, E)0.20 max1.50 max0.45 max
IS 2062 E5500.20 max2.00 max0.45 max

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