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ASTM A179 Pipes & Tubes

ASTM A179 Pipes & Tubes

Heat exchangers, condensers, and other heat transfer equipment frequently use seamless cold-drawn low-carbon steel ASTM A179 Pipes and Tubes. These tubes are a popular choice across a variety of sectors because they provide good thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance. The main characteristics and uses of pipes and tubes meeting ASTM A179 will be briefly discussed in this introduction.
The seamless manufacturing process used to create ASTM A179 Pipes and Tubes ensures a surface that is even and smooth. By removing the possibility of leaks, this seamless design increases the effectiveness of heat transfer systems. The tubes are created using a cold-drawing technique, which results in remarkable dimensional accuracy and a superior surface gloss. In order to lower the diameter and thickness of the tube and improve its mechanical qualities, this operation entails drawing the tube through a die.
ASTM A179 pipes and tubes have exceptional weldability and formability due to their low carbon content. Additionally, it stops hazardous carbides from forming, extending the life and dependability of the pipes and tubes. Due to their special low-temperature design, these tubes are appropriate for use in heat exchangers and condensers with large temperature differences.
To guarantee their effectiveness and dependability, ASTM A179 pipes and tubes comply to high quality standards. They meet the specifications for seamless cold-drawn low-carbon steel tubes set out in ASTM A179/A179M. By following this standard, the tubes will be guaranteed to have the dimensional, mechanical, and chemical qualities required for their intended uses.
Low-carbon steel, which has various benefits, is the substance utilized in ASTM A179 pipes and tubes. Tube joining in heat transfer systems is made simple by low-carbon steel’s high weldability. It also has good formability, making it possible to make tubes with intricate arrangements and shapes. Additionally, the low carbon concentration avoids carbide formation, ensuring the tubes’ corrosion resistance and long-term endurance.

ASTM A179 Pipes & Tubes Specifications

DimensionsOuter Diameter (OD): 1/8 inch to 3 inches
 Minimum Wall Thickness: Varies
MechanicalMinimum Tensile Strength: 325 MPa (47,000 psi)
PropertiesMinimum Yield Strength: 180 MPa (26,000 psi)
 Minimum Elongation: 35%
Chemical CompositionCarbon Content: Not exceeding 0.06%
 Manganese: Varies
 Phosphorus: Varies
 Sulfur: Varies
TestsFlattening Test: Tubes should withstand flattening without cracks or flaws.
 Hydrostatic Test: Tubes should withstand specified pressure without leakage.
Surface FinishSmooth, clean surface without rust, scale, or contaminants.

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