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Stainless Steel Gate Valve

stainless steel gate valve

A threaded stem on a stainless steel flanged gate valve features a gate that enters the valve’s main body. Leading supplier and producer of many gate valve kinds is Shree Viratra Enterprises. Valves come in a variety of varieties, like the Stainless Steel threaded gate valve and others. The threaded gate valve is employed as an open-and-close or on-off valve.
It is not a reliable control valve. Operations in sour water services are opened and closed using a gate valve made of 316 stainless steel. To gently install the gate and avoid the water hammer effect, the threaded stem is twisted. For routine corrosive services, 304 stainless steel gate valves with lower corrosion resistance can be employed. Both a clockwise and anticlockwise motion can be used to open or close the gate valve. This depends on the structure of the application. As a leading manufacturer, we provide valves in a range of types, sizes, and capacities. For various varieties, such as the stainless steel sluice valve, the input and output sizes, the valve strength, the permitted maximum pressure, the thread size, and the gates sizes vary. For further information on the valves and prices, kindly contact us.

Stainless Steel Gate Valve Specifications

Size1/2″ to 3″
StructureBolted Body, Integral Seat
Trim316 Trim
Pressure Raiting0 to 13 BAR
ConnectionFlanged Flat Face
Applicable temperature-196 – 593 Deg. C.

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