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YST 310 Square Pipe

YST 310 Square Pipe

A versatile and long-lasting structural option, YST 310 Square Pipe provides exceptional strength and dependability in a variety of applications. These square pipes are commonly used in the engineering, building, and infrastructure sectors. They are composed of YST 310 grade steel. We will examine the main characteristics, uses, and benefits of YST 310 Square Pipes in this article, emphasizing the importance of these pipes for structural engineering.
High-quality YST 310 grade steel, which is intended primarily for structural applications, is used to create YST 310 square pipes. The letters YST stand for Yield Strength Tubes, and 310 signifies the steel’s minimum yield strength in megapascals (MPa). YST 310 Square Pipes are made of high-strength steel, which guarantees their capacity to support severe loads and maintain structural integrity.
The adaptability of YST 310 Square Pipes in a variety of applications is one of their main benefits. Because these pipes come in a range of diameters, shapes, and thicknesses, engineers and architects may plan and build structures that precisely meet their needs. These pipes’ square shape offers great load-bearing capacity and structural stability, making them the perfect choice for uses that need sturdiness and stiffness.
Square pipes made of YST 310 have several uses in the building sector. They are frequently employed for handrails, fencing systems, roof trusses, support structures, and building frameworks. As a result of their outstanding structural integrity and high yield strength, these pipes provide a dependable option for load-bearing applications. In infrastructure projects like bridges, walkways, and platforms where strength and endurance are crucial, YST 310 Square Pipes are also used.

YST 310 Square Pipe Specifications

SpecificationYST 310 Square Pipes
Manufacturing StandardIS 4923
MaterialYST 310 Grade Steel
Size RangeOuter Dimensions: 20 mm x 20 mm to 400 mm x 400 mm
 Wall Thickness: 1.6 mm to 16.0 mm
LengthStandard Length: 6 meters
TolerancesOuter Dimensions: Specific tolerances
 Wall Thickness: Specified tolerances
Mechanical PropertiesYield Strength: Minimum 310 MPa
 Elongation: Minimum 20% on 5.65√So gauge length
Surface FinishMill Finish (Standard)
 Optional: Galvanized or Painted Finish (upon request)
Testing and Quality ControlDimensional checks, Chemical composition analysis, Mechanical property evaluations
 Quality control measures

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